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May 15th

Sorry, Its been a busy couple of weeks for me with no sign of letting up.

I've been doing some playing around and come to a few conclutions:
1. Tribes can be a buggy as hell
2. Some things in Tribes are hard-coded in and can't be changed without some major pain-in-yo-ass work.

I got an e-mail from Ian K. Setford asking me for help on replacing the Arrow overhead the enemies. After playing around I found that the color is set in the program and not the .png file which sucks..But you can find his cool arrow in the files page

I've also been playing with reticles. I find that I cant make one larger that 256x256. I made one 512x512 and it was scaled down to 256x256. A real pain for me 'cause I wanted a cool mortor range finder.
If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know

I've also made 256x256 versions of the Bullhornskin...


April 29th

Well today Bullhorn and my self joined the Pushbiscuit tribe <!> their website is

I've had a many request to make skins for tribes but unfortunately I don't have the time.....

I'm going to finish my skin (Doctor49152) maybe do a skin for my tribe and maybe make a few others just to test a few thing out ( knights is a top contender)

But the one thing I will be doing is TUTORIALS!!!!! So please please send me a list of what you'd like to see!!! I want this site to be the one-stop-shop for tribes 2 skinning tutorials..

April 28th

WOW!!! Almost 20,000 hits (I dont know how many visits) in less than 24 hours. Thats makes me think that theres going to be a whole shwack o' skins coming out in the next few months...

I've completed my "make your armor look used tutorial" its pretty long and requires that you need to know the difference between a mouse and a brick. If your not sure throw one at the closest window. If it has a tether its the mouse.... if not:

(I accept no responsibility for the above statement)

April 26th

Welcome to my website of all cool things Tribes 2!! (in my part of the world at least). I intend to have this site as a repository of info and files for me, my friends and maybe my Tribe ( If I ever join one!!! I like to be the lone gunman)

Here is the PNG.8bi for Photoshop 5.5 and above
You need to replace your current PNG.8bi file. The location on my machine was:
"E:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Plug-Ins\Adobe Photoshop Only\File Formats\PNG.8bi"

** If adobe has any problems with me posting this, I got this from the ps5try.exe file thats still floating around

April 26th

Here is the skin I made for my friend ( And the Best Damn Heavy O in the world!!) Bullhorn!!

Get the file here

April 26th

Greeting to Diablo2k!!!! He's a member of the Accused of Cheating Clan. He has made the skins for his clan. They can be found at

April 26th

Bullhorn and I made some pics when we were playing around the other day. They can be found in the pics section. They are what happens when 2 people are bored.....

April 26th

Here are pictures of my sking that I'm working on. I based it on the Veritech Cyclone from Robotech

Click thumbnail for larger image


I'll place this in the files area when i'm done the medium armor.

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