Works in Progress

This is my Work in Progress page. Here I’ll post things I’m playing around with and will probably never finish, They might not be Doctor Who related but they will be something I find cool.

I was bored and started working on how the console would actually go together. Basically each of the 6 sides slides onto rails until they lock into position. Kind of like the rails that server racks use. Also this image is for a 4k monitor. So it's rather large.
Another lab render. This one is showing the side to your left as you enter from the console room. The giant device is an 'industrial' um... replicator 'like' device. Then in the corner is the time-space navigator. <
Just playing around with some roundle concepts. This ended up going into the Lab area of my 2015 Console room redesign.
I was playing around and came up with this