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This page has all the images except for the TARDIS 2015 and WIP pages. They get their own.

My DALEK model based on the original sketch by DALEK designer RAY CUSICK
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My DALEK in the requested silver and blue variation I'm still working on it. Adding in detail on the backside. I'm amazed at the response this redesign has been getting. Out of hundreds of comments only one bad. If you want me to release it as a download please let me know.
Here is the back and bottom of my DALEK. The area on the back is based on some comic book DALEKS and is a series of "pop out" panels. This area allows for external devices to mount to the back (Gun racks, crane arms and power packs, etc). Also there is a hatch on the bottom for something..
O.K I lied!!! I made a Dalek. But this is a redesigned version by me with a few interesting add ons.
This is a large frame from an animation I'm working on for the fun of it.
** Warning!!! - Large image ** This is my TARDIS