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This page has all the images except for the TARDIS 2015 and WIP pages. They get their own.

I was bored and started working on how the console would actually go together. Basically each of the 6 sides slides onto rails until they lock into position. Kind of like the rails that server racks use. Also this image is for a 4k monitor. So it's rather large.
Just finished this off. I am rather happy with the look of the metal surface on this one. I went for more of a gold metallic look to this instead of the flat brass look of the original prop.
I continue to play with the layout of this design (don't think I'll ever be finished). I've added in a few items from the Series 9 console room. I've written a blog entry with a breakdown on the rendering and post process I use when creating images. You can read it HERE.
The Doctors Electric guitar and portable amp. I have a few more high-res images of these in my blog post
I don't know how many of you actually remember pi? But remembering this scene from the 5 Doctors is how I remember. To the point where I actually hear the actors voice in my head when I repeat it out loud.
I saw a pattern the other day that made me want to play around with roundle design.
In 2012 I won the 'Design Your Own Sonic-Screwdriver' on the Replica Prop Forum with this design. I designed it to have a drill like look to the top end with the 4 prog 'chuck' holding the emitter. The blue center I got from looking at modern medical devices. They sure seem to love light blue. The bottom sonic-lance I went with a steampunk feel. It's also a heatsink. This sonic has 8 different colors chosen by twisting the diamond-grip part near the top.
I have been rebuilding some of the items from the original console room. Ok one of these things doesn't belong here. Can you guess which one?
Gallifrey Falls No More!! I made this from A LOT of separate images, Sadly it's 2D only.
I REALLY want to know where this thing ended up?!?! Mainly because its interface was pretty damn hot!
I'd love to read this... and would probably be disappointed. That's why it's never been shown on screen.
Part of the Studio set for The UnEarthly Child.
What Ian and Barbara saw... in 3D!!
Part of Gabriel Chases house from Seeds of DOOOOOOM!!
Part of the base from the Seeds of Doom
The bridge from The Robots of Death. Sadly I lost the render of the lounge from this story. I loved that shot.
I could go for a recharge myself right about now!!
Background for interview clip. I think it needed to be frosted up. Also that REALLY looks like cheap tinfoil. Mission accomplished!!
Love the lighting!
Watch where you step. Everything is designed to kill you!!
I updated the console room with the newer railings. This was for a magazines 2 page spread.
I created the Olympia typewriter for panel 5. Here it is as a test render
Panels 2 and 3