The Two Doctors: revised release clarification

Reported by Alex Frazer-Harrison and Chuck Foster
The Two Doctors (R2) (Credit: BBC Worldwide)After receiving recent reports that the DVD of The Two Doctors no longer includes A Fix With Sontarans as an extra, we checked with BBC Worldwide over the status of the story's release and they have verified:

The Fix It special master copy has been amended from all further DVD sales after the Savile issues came to light. The sleeves and menus on the amended release should have been changed to reflect that.

We’ve now notified the online distributors so this will be amended.

At the time of writing, online retailers such as the BBC Shop and Amazon still list the extra; purchasers of the story should verify which version they are buying as retailers may hold either version in stock at present.

The Complete Matt Smith – Blu-ray Gift Set

BBC Home Entertainment in the United States, has announced a massive collection in honour of the Eleventh Doctor and the man who portrayed him with the release of Doctor Who: The Complete Matt Smith Years Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set, which will be released in time for the holidays on November 4, 2014.

Matt Smith made his first appearance as the Doctor in 2010, and went on to star in three seasons of Doctor Who, written and executive produced by Steven Moffat.

The set features the complete adventures of the Eleventh Doctor – every season, every special, every episode. It also includes, for the very first time on a special bonus disc, Doctor Who Proms 2013, The Day of the Doctor: From Script to Screen, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide. It also includes the two part special The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Death of the Doctor and the docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time.

Doctor Who at the Proms 2013 – It’s always a thrilling night when the BBC’s annual classical music festival, the Proms, features the music of Doctor Who. Hosted by none other than the 11th Doctor himself, Matt Smith, plus companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) and a fantastic assortment of special guests (and monsters), Murry Gold’s iconic music from the program has never sounded better than in this live concert, which was a highlight of the build-up to DoctorWho’s 50th Anniversary.
The Day of the Doctor: From Script to Screen – Witness the initial table read for Doctor Who’s legendary 50th Annivesary episode, The Day of the Doctor, and then see the episode come to life on screen through interviews with Matt Smith, David Tennant, Steven Moffat and others as well as footage from the filming. It’s an exciting look inside the process of bringing Doctor Who to life.
The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot – In the build-up to Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, rumors were swirling wildly about which former Doctors would be featured in the anniversary episode itself. In this hilarious comic spoof, former Doctors Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann poke fun at the mystery and themselves in hysterical fashion. With cameos from Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies and others.
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide – Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) introduce this insightful look back at the remarkable 50-year history of Doctor Who featuring interviews with the cast and the people behind the scenes, past and present, plus a host of celebrity fans. Doctor Who – The Ultimate Guide delves deep into the history of the Doctor, profiling his many incarnations and charting the progression of his character from his old-fashioned, black and white origins to his more complex, many-layered, modern-day persona and the multi-faceted menaces he has faced through the years. This is the defining documentary of Doctor Who, the perfect way to celebrate a rich 50-year old marvel.
Sarah Janes Adventures: The Death of the Doctor - The Eleventh Doctor makes a special appearance in the spin-off series Sarah Janes Adventure. In the two part special written by Russell T Davies, Sarah Jane is reunited with another of the Doctor’s former companions, Jo Grant (Katy Manning), as they investigate the fate of the Doctor at his own funeral. Things get more complicated when they’re joined by the Eleventh Doctor himself in an alien-busting adventure featuring brand-new vulture aliens, the mysterious Shansheeth and a trip to an alien planet.
The set is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Time Heist – AI:84

Doctor Who Time Heist had an Audience Appreciation Index or AI score of 84.

The Appreciation Index or AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. The score, out of a hundred, is compiled by a specially selected panel of around 5,000 people who go online and rate and comment on programmes.

Overall Doctor Who rated slightly higher with Women rather than Men and scored the highest within the 16-34 age group.

The X Factor once again topped the ratings for Sunday with 8.7 million viewers, while the return of Downton Abbey had 8.4 million viewers. Doctor Who is currently in 24th place for the week. Final figures will be published next week.

The Sunday repeat of Tim Heist on BBC Three had an overnight estimate of 0.24 million viewers, a 1.0% share of the audience.

Ghost Light vinyl release
Mark Ayres’ dark and mysterious synth score to Ghost Light, Marc Platt’s 3-part TV series with Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, will be released on 180g DLP vinyl for the first time. Pre-order HERE.

Composer Ayres says, “This newly-remastered release presents the score in story order and is compiled from new transfers of the original analogue stereo master tapes. Consecutive cues have been combined into longer tracks.  It is a particular delight to hear this music on vinyl.  It was some of the last work I mixed to analogue 1/4” tape before digital took over, and suits the medium well. It also allows me to dedicate a side to each episode, keeping the cliff-hangers and reprises intact…plus the original demo version of Episode 1 on side 4.”

Doctor Who: Ghost Light will be released on Oct 13, on DOUBLE LP/180g HEAVY VINYL/GATEFOLD SLEEVE.

Seasons of War charity book

Find below the details and artwork for a new Doctor Who charity anthology book featuring The War Doctor, as played by John Hurt.

Seasons of War is a fiction anthology written, entirely for charity, by a whole host of talented writers from all over the world all coming together to tell tales from the very, very long life of that most fascinating and unknown of Doctors,The War Doctor.

The Unofficial Doctor Who Charity Anthology Seasons Of War is compiled and edited by Declan May with associate editor Warren Frey, creative editor Simon A.Brett and design editor Nicholas Hollands and will be available in early December 2014.

All of the people who have contributed to this book have done so for free, with the sole intention of raising money for the charity 

On a personal note, the book is dedicated to the memory of PAUL SPRAGG (from Big Finish) who passed away in 2014 and, with whom, the initial idea of the Anthology was discussed and it was dear Paul who was so very helpful in providing for me contacts, names, numbers and email addresses of those who might like to help out. The short story Anthlogy features contributions from:


Seasons Of War is a collection of short stories detailing the adventures of The War Doctor as depicted by John Hurt. The anthology will be available in ebook, paperback and in a special Deluxe edition, with all proceeds going to Caudwell children - - a charity which offers Family Support Services for families with children with learning difficulties such as autism, epilepsy and many, many others.

Caudwell helps in the home or in the hospital providing practical and emotional support at times of crisis. They provide mobility and sensory equipment for disabled children to enable them to live fulfilled and happy lives including proton therapy for childhood cancers as well as therapy’s to help children, with various conditions, to walk again.

Every penny from the Anthology will go to Caudwell through a JustGiving page, and... is entirely for free, just as long as one donates to the charity. For those wishing to pre-order now, all you need to do is to donate at the JustGiving page -  ( - donate as much or as little as you like, and, in the comment box, please leave your name and email address. Or, should you prefer not to, contact me – citing your donation – at this email address You will, one week before the release of Seasons Of War receive a personalised link to your email account enabling you to download the PDF/Ebook version of the Anthology.

For both the paperback and Deluxe editions of Seasons Of War, a link to purchase will be posted the JustGiving page on the week of release:

Listen – Consolidated Ratings

7.01 million watched the UK transmission of Listen according to consolidated figures available today, which include those recording the programme and watching within one week of transmission.

The figure means no episode of Doctor Who this year has yet dipped below 7 million viewers on final figures.

The final chart position should be available later in the week.

Time Heist – Overnight Viewing Figures

4.93 million watched Doctor Who - Time Heist, according to unofficial overnight figures, a share of 23.8 % of the total TV audience.

Doctor Who was second for the day with ITV's The X Factor taking the lead with 8.4 million viewers. Doctor Who's direct opposition, The Chase: Celebrity Special, was third with 4.2 million watching. The Doctor Who lead in Pointless Celebrities had 3.9 million viewers, giving the programme a higher inheritance than last week.

Overall Doctor Who is currently 20th for the week.

Final figures will be released next Sunday.

Tim Quinn & Dicky Howett Doctor Who Art

Miwk Publishing are publishing a complete collection of Tim Quinn/Dicky Howett Doctor Who work in a new book to be published next year.

For over a decade Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett provided a regular comic strip Doctor Who? for Marvel Comics' Doctor Who Magazine. For the first time all their strips will be collected here, together with strips from specials, annuals and yearbooks as well as their two previously published books It’s Bigger on the Inside and The Doctor Who Fun Book.

Where possible, the publishers are attempting to source original artwork to use to ensure the best material is used in the compilation. If you have a piece of Dicky Howett's Doctor Who artwork - much of which he sold or gave away - and are willing for it to be scanned for the book, please get in touch on Please do not email large scans to that address, just a contact email for now.

Each strip will be restored and come with commentary from Tim and Dicky.

The book will be available as a limited edition A4 hardback and standard A4 paperback.

Miwk Publishing will be donating £1 for every copy sold to Giggle Doctors – Theodora Children’s Trust.
With thanks to Tony Clark

Keeley Hawes to attend Who convention

Actress Keeley Hawes, who starred in tonight's Doctor Who episode Time Heist, will be appearing at a Doctor Who convention next month in London. Full details HERE. 

The Time of Angels runs from Oct 10-12 at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow. For more info and to buy tickets, visit The Time of Angels website HERE. 

Other guests include:

Arthur Darvill (Rory Pond)* |  Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra)
Dan Starkey (Strax) | Catrin Stewart (Jenny)*
Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart) | Peter Ferdinando (Deep Breath)
Calvin Dean (Nightmare In Silver) | Barnaby Edwards (Dalek operator)
And more guests TBA!

* Sunday Oct 12 only