Around the World in Twelve Days with the Twelfth Doctor

The BBC has released a video highlighting the Doctor Who world Tour.

Meanwhile Reetu Kabra, a publicist for BBC Worldwide who set up international press coverage for the new series has been telling the BBC staff magazine, Ariel, about her highlights of the trip.
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and the TARDIS at the historic Bosingak bell at the National Museum of Korea.  (Doctor Who World Tour - Seoul) (Credit: BBC Worldwide)Seoul

The Korean fans came out in full force as we stepped off the plane with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman reaching veritable rock star status.

More than 1,000 people attended the screening - tickets sold out in two minutes - and gave Peter and Jenna treats such as ornamental silk fans, luxury boxes of ginseng and, as expected, heaps of fan-made art. In return, Peter and Jenna greeted their audience in Korean on stage, while the media hung on their every word, frantically typing on their mind-boggling keyboards.
Credit: BBC WorldwideSydney

Our photo call at the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge attracted fans and paparazzi alike with many of the national newspapers running picture stories the following day.

It's odd to think that most British people go to Australia for the holiday of a lifetime, yet our team was there for 48 hours. We had little time to soak up the city and the jet lag was starting to creep in. But most of us got selfies with the Opera House.
Credit: BBC WorldwideNew York

The American screening took place at the iconic Ziegfeld Theatre in midtown Manhattan. A vintage yellow taxi brought the cast to the venue where photographers snapped them on a Tardis-Blue carpet. As the event began, the crowd raised their sonic screwdrivers and cheered. One fan even screamed The first Italian Doctor!

After the press rounds, we eventually made it to the Top of the Rock - the Rockefeller Centre - where we did a photo shoot against the iconic New York skyline.
Credit: BBC WorldwideMexico City

On arrival at the airport, dozens of fans greeted us with sombreros, singing made-up DW-related songs in Spanish. We could feel the warmth, physically and emotionally, of Latin America. Of all the events we put together for the world tour, the crowd in Mexico were, in my opinion, the most receptive and loudest. It was also the biggest event of the tour with more than 3,000 fans.

The morning after our arrival, a group of fans congregated outside our hotel. As I stood outside watching them, one of them actually came up to me and said "I follow you on Twitter - thank you so much for coming to Mexico". At that point, I really started to feel that we as a group - cast and crew - were connecting with fans whom we previously had little idea about. They were so immensely grateful for our visit that we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.
Credit: BBC WorldwideRio de Janeiro

The Brazilian press had already been warmed up earlier in the year by a visit from Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss, so their appetites were whetted and ready for Peter, Jenna and Steven's arrival.

Following a successful press conference, the final screening was attended by 2,000 Brazilian fans, with Peter high-fiving people as he walked past. The morning of our departure was probably one of the most surreal of the trip - our team visited the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio.
The full article can be read online.

The 50 Year Diary – Day 604 – Time-Flight, Episode One

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start...

Day 604: Time-Flight, Episode One

Dear diary,

Time-Flight is the unloved child of Season Nineteen, isn’t it? On the whole, it’s a very strong run of stories, with some absolute ‘classics’ like Kinda and Earthshock, and some other tales that simply worked well for me, even if general opinion is mixed, with the likes of Four to Doomsday and Black Orchid… and then it ends with this tale. On the whole, I think the problems most people have with Time-Flight boil down to some of the more ridiculous elements, and I’ll get to those in the next few days I’m sure, but I was pleasantly surprised by this first episode… because it’s rather good!

I’ve only seen this story the one time, when it first came out on DVD, and over the years I’ve come to think of it as being one that simply never takes my fancy for a re-watch. All I can remember about it is that it largely takes place on prehistoric Earth, and the Master turns up somewhat improbably. I’d forgotten, for instance, that this first episode is largely set in the present day at Heathrow - I thought scenes here simply topped-and-tailed the adventure. I’m glad that’s not the case, though, because I’m really enjoying lots of the airport material. It’s almost like going back to the 1960s (I seem to be saying that a lot recently), where there’s something really exciting about seeing a location ‘as it was’ at the time. Landing the TARDIS right in the middle of the building is great fun, too, and I love the way that the Doctor decides that he simply has to go and have a look, and then on course he gets caught up in something. Curiosity defines this Doctor more than I’d ever noticed - making his comment in Black Orchid all the more appropriate!

There’s also something quite exciting about seeing the Doctor inside a Concorde. It feels at once like something too mundane for him (last week he was in a space freighter), and also terribly exciting because it’s not somewhere that you really get to see very often (especially not these days - Time-Flight has become a historical in more ways than one!). Seeing him peering round the cockpit brings the series closer than ever before to being Blue Peter.

I feel as though I’m being generous here - although I really do enjoy all the stuff at the airport and on the plane - because as soon as we touch down on to prehistoric Earth, things all start to fall apart for me. From the moment that they step off the Concorde and into some questionable CSO, we’re back into the story that I remember Time-Flight being, with not-particularly-great sets, some questionable guest performances, and monsters that aren’t… great. I have a feeling that the goodwill built up in the first two-thirds of this episode may dissipate over the next few days, so I’m glad that it has at least started strong. In that spirit, I’d like to add that the concept of everything in this episode is fantastic - the idea of stepping off the plane to find themselves back at Heathrow, until Nyssa sees through the illusion to a pile of bodies, is a great one, and I think it really is a case of the effect letting it down.

Something that does need to be mentioned is the way they deal with the aftermath of Adric’s death. It’s a tricky thing to pitch, really, and I’m not sure that they quiche get it right. Let’s use Journey’s End as an example: Donna’s memories of the Doctor have been wiped, and she’s been returned home. The Doctor can never see his best friend again, and she’s resigned to living a life in which she’ll never be as great as she could. The episode ends on a down-beat note, and you’re left with the Doctor alone, and sad, and soaked from the rain. But the crucial thing is… this comes at the very end of the season. When we next catch up with the Doctor, it’s Christmas, and he’s off for an adventure in Victorian London in the snow. Now, on original broadcast, there was a real gap between episodes that lasted months and months. You don’t get that now, if you’re watching the episodes through in order, but there’s still a real sense that a great deal of time has passed for the Doctor and the programme, so it can move on in to a bold new adventure. With Cybermen! That’s not to say that Donna’s departure is completely ignored, the Doctor is still hurting from it, and that gets touched upon later in the story, but it feels right that we should pick up with smiles, and festive cheer, and a brand new story.

Time-Flight doesn’t get that luxury. I commented the other day that to feels like a season finale… but it’s not. It’s the penultimate story of the season, so we’re going out with this one. As has become common practice for the series at this point, today’s episode picks up only a short time after yesterday’s one, and then we’re off into a new adventure. Now, this is where things get tricky. You can’t make the whole episode be about Adric’s death, or you’d never get a story going. Equally, you can’t simply ignore the fact that in the last episode you killed off one of the main characters! Do you see what I mean? Tricky to pitch. Time-Flight deals with it by… having 16 lines of dialogue between the three regulars, and then brushing it off with the Doctor promising a “Special treat to cheer us all up.”

After that, Adric is forgotten, and we continue on as though nothing had happened. It just doesn’t work for me, and it’s another example of the programme not always being good at the character-led pieces that a situation like this one really needs. A pity, in many ways, because those 16 lines between the Doctor, Tegan, and Nyssa raise some interesting points that I’d love to see explored further (for example, Tegan’s suggestion that they could save Adric and still allow the freighter to crash so that it wouldn’t change history would be - so far as I can tell - entirely workable under the rules of more recent Doctor Who!), and it feels like there needs to be something more. I know Adric makes a brief cameo in this story somewhere, so I’m hoping that might give us something a little bit better.

I should point out that despite what I’m saying here, I don’t think you could have ended the season with Adric’s death: it’s just too bleak. In The Writer’s Tale, Russell T Davies has long discussions with Benjamin Cook about the ways to end that Fourth Series, and he worries that you need something to bounce back. I think what we ended up with there was perfect, but I don’t think it would have worked for Adric’s death - it’s just too major. I keep on saying it… tricky!


Doctor Who Comes To Minecraft On Xbox

BBC Worldwide have announced that Doctor Who is coming to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Full details below and click on the images included for bigger, blockier versions.

From September 2014, Minecraft players will have access to a range of Doctor Who assets which will allow them to change their avatar to resemble their favourite characters from the show. The first pack – priced at just £1.99 – will include a character inspired by the Twelfth Doctor as well as five other Doctors, each of their on-screen companions and some of the Doctor’s most well known adversaries including his arch-nemeses, the Daleks.

Rikesh Desai, Digital Entertainment and Games Director at BBC Worldwide UK says “We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring Doctor Who content to our loyal fans. Working collaboratively with Microsoft, we’ve created an exciting new product which will allow Doctor Who fans to create their own brand new adventures in the heart of the iconic world of Minecraft.”

Looks like a BLOCK party for a Zygon, a Dalek and an Ice Warrior...

The deal will bring more packs as time goes on, introducing many of the most recognisable characters from the past 50 years of Doctor Who. Each skin pack will feature at least six Doctors and will be released regularly following the broadcast of the first episode. 

Minecraft is one of the fastest selling Xbox game of all time with over 13 million sales to date. The deal to bring Doctor Who to Minecraft builds on BBC Worldwide’s successful partnership with Microsoft, which has seen Microsoft publish Forza racing games complete with Top Gear themed challenges and features.

Entertainment Earth

Thanks to BBC Worldwide

News Round~Up!

With Doctor Who Series 8 finally started, it's been a busy old time on the world of Doctor Who and there's some news and juicy nuggets that may have passed you by. Collected here is a round-up of the very latest news.

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The Tenth Doctor comic #2 out now

The second of the comic series Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor is out now. Check out the details below with a look at the interior art - click on the images for bigger versions. You can read the Blogtor Who review HERE.

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2
Writer - Nick Abadzis
Artist - Elena Casagrande
Colorist - Arianna Florean
Letterer - ComicraftCover artist - Alice X Zhang

All Gabriella Gonzalez wanted was to skip her shift at the Laundromat and hang out with her friends. It’s Halloween, and Sunset Park is hosting its first-ever Day of the Dead festival!

But her father wouldn’t listen – again – and now Gabby is stuck with a store full of empty washing machines while the rest of the neighborhood goes wild.

But this graveyard shift is living up to its name! Vortexes explode out of the machines, shadowy creatures stalk on the edge of sight, and Gabby finds herself pursued by unearthly forces.

Finally, on the longest night of her life, Gabby is trapped in a powerless subway car – and the only thing standing between her and horrific death-by-monster is some skinny white guy in a suit – who’s waving a blue flashlight around!

If Gabby survives this – she’s going to kill him!

Eisner Award-winning Nick Abadzis (Laika) and fan-favorite Elena Casagrande (Suicide Risk) ramp up the tension, horror, and joy of discovery – as a new companion meets the Tenth Doctor!

Thanks to Titan Comics

Win a life-size TARDIS for your school

BBC Doctor Who Adventures Issue 353This week's Doctor Who Adventures gives you a chance to win a life-size TARDIS for your school.

Editor Moray Laing says:
Don’t miss the latest issue as we’ve got an amazing competition. We’re giving away life-size TARDIS to one lucky reader for their school classroom or playground. It’s a perfect replica of the Doctor’s amazing time machine – and although, sadly, it isn’t actually bigger on the inside, it’s a massive prize to win!
This TARDIS is worth £4,000 and to enter, readers have to collect two tokens. You’ll find the first token in the current issue and the second one appears in the issue out on 10 September.

  • Five fantastic gifts! A magnetic TARDIS box, special key, a sonic screwdriver and two more magic, moving lenticular cards.
  • Special door hangers to cut out and pop on your door.
  • Exclusive interview with actress Jenna Coleman who tells us what it’s like to be the Doctor’s companion.
  • Two amazing fact figures of the new Doctor and a Weeping Angel.
  • Preview pictures from the next two episodes.
  • A special appearance from Cheryl Cole in the Alien Babies comic strip.
  • Loads of activities and puzzle pages.
  • Dalek secrets.
  • Strax’s guide to the Half-Face Man.
  • Two posters.
  • Read an exciting comic strip with the Doctor and Clara.
BBC Doctor Who Adventures Issue 353, on sale 27 August – 9 September 2014, priced £4.99.