New writers for Doctor Who Series 9

In an interview with Radio Times (which you can see in the player above), Steven Moffat has revealed that Doctor Who Series 9 will have new writers working on the show. The current showrunner said of filming the new series:
"We're about to move on to a couple of scripts I've written and we've got some other stuff lined up from other writers - some new, some old."
At the moment, episodes three and four are being filmed. As previously announced it's a two-parter written by Toby Whithouse (The God Compex) - for more details click HERE.

William Hartnell interview found

A long lost interview, featuring William Hartnell, has been recovered in part by the BBC.

Hartnell was interviewed by Roy Plomley, for the Home Service radio programme Desert Island Discs in 1965. The edition was transmitted on 23 August while Hartnell was at the height of his powers as the Doctor.

The recording was thought lost, erased by the BBC. However it is understood that a 16 minute section has been recovered and will shortly be available on the BBC iPlayer. The recording was available for a short period earlier today, but was removed pending an official announcement.

Desert Island Discs celebrates its 73rd Anniversary today, having been running continuously on BBC radio since 1942. In the programme guests chose the music they would take to a desert island if they were stranded there alone. Jon Pertwee and David Tennant have both also appeared in the series.

The 50 Year Diary – Day 758 – The Runaway Bride

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start...

Day 758: The Runaway Bride

Dear Diary,

About a month before Christmas, 2006, there was a big Doctor Who concert held in Cardiff. It was - I think - for Children in Need, and it was designed to celebrate the scores that had been created for the programme since its return to screens the previous year. As much as I’d enjoyed the music in the series, that wan’t the reason I watched when the episode made it to TV (or the website? It’s hard to recall). No, the highlight for me was a brand new clip of the Christmas Special… and it was tremendous. They showed the TARDIS chasing a taxi down the motorway, and it looked amazing! In some ways, I’m surprised that it’s the moment they chose, because it’s such a highlight of the episode… but on the other hand I’m not surprised, because it’s not the only septic we get in this one! The Runaway Bride is perhaps the first time that you can really see the scope of the programme increasing vastly. By comparison, Rose looks positively lightweight!

Not only is there the chase with the TARDIS (which has dated a little, but still holds its own), but there’s the size of the Empress of the Racnoss prosthetic (which really holds up now - has there been a physical monster of this size in the programme since?), the amount of CGI and practical effects - especially in the climax… You can really see them going for it with this one, pulling out all the stops and making a point of saying ‘this is the scale we want to achieve with Doctor Who.

And as iff all of that wasn’t enough… we’ve got the introduction of Donna! Oh, can you imagine, there’s a world out there where Catherine Tate only showed up for this one special. That world is a cold, heartless place. It seems odd to think now that there was a time when this was all we had of Donna! It was ages (well, it felt like ages) before we had confirmation that she’d be returning for the fourth series, and I find it hard to imagine that we might have been deprived more of this character. She’s brilliant right from the off, if written a little ‘broader’ here than when she makes a comeback later on. I think the fact that I know what she’s like now as a regular companion means that there’s all the more to enjoy about her appearance in this one - don’t think I’ve actually watched The Runaway Bride since Donna and the Doctor hooked up again.

The story also serves as a nice way of moving the Doctor’s story on, following the departure of Rose. To pick up fresh here with a new companion would have felt a bit strange, I think, were we just carrying straight on into new companion territory (in the same way that Time-Flight only gives us the smallest of nods to Adric’s death before moving on - completely dispersing the atmosphere at the end pf Earthshock). Instead, it allows the Doctor’s story to carry forward, and we get some nice nods to Rose and the Doctor’s time with her scattered throughout, while making sure that there’s enough happening to keep these few and far between (and tied to the story). I can recall a lot of Series Three feeling like it had Rose’s shadow hanging over it, but if we carry on in the same vein as this one, then maybe it’ll be better than I’m remembering in that respect!

For the next two days, I’m going to be delving in to spin-off territory, with the first episodes of both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, before we set out on the Doctor’s adventures with Martha from Sunday. That Christmas period of 2006 felt so exciting with bits of all three shows airing around the same time (I seem to recall that The Sarah Jane Adventures pilot was broadcast the same day as the Torchwood finale), and it’s something that I’ve been desperate to capture at this part of the marathon for ages now!


Peter Davison wants to see Jenny return

Actor Peter Davison, who played the best Doctor Who, has been chatting to ABC News about Doctor Who. Davison championed the return of Jenny from The Doctor's Daughter to the show. Jenny was played by actress, and daughter of Davison, Georgia Moffett* (pictured left with Davison).

"At the end of her story she flew off in to the universe, at the moment, never to be seen again. Let's bring her back!

Let's have a spin-off with Jenny!"

Georgia Moffett produced The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which was written, directed and starred Peter Davison. The Time Lady, of sorts, came up when discussion turned to the notion of a female Doctor Who.

"Personally, and I speak now as a fan who grew up watching it, I have trouble with the idea of a female Doctor. I reckon if you're born on Gallifrey a man, you probably are a male Time Lord."

"I think it's great to have a female Time Lord, but my feeling about it - I know this could be controversial, I'm speaking as a viewer - I personally think The Doctor is male," adding with a smile, "I probably will get flack, and that's fair enough. It's just my opinion."

* She's also married to David Tennant, fact fans.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection

The latest issues of the fantastic magazine, the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, are hitting shops now! Issue 368 comes with an amazing figurine of JABE (as seen in The End of the Worldwhilst Issue 39 features DALEK (from Genesis of the Daleks). For full details, visit their website HERE. Click on the images included here for bigger versions.

The Essential Book of K-9

The Essential Book of K-9 (Credit: Paul Tams)A campaign is currently in progress to raise funds to publish a new book about the Doctor's second best friend*, K-9. The initiative is being driven by K-9 series co-creator Paul Tams, and will explore the character's many lives through Doctor Who, K-9 and Company, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and in his own series.

Paul Tams says:
It's amazing there has never been a book dedicated to the full story of K9; his adventures in Time and Space and beyond and the making of the TV shows in which he appeared. We aim to correct this oversight and present an amazing volume of features, photos and behind the scenes information. We also aim to have several new stories and comic strips from classic writers including his original co-creator Bob Baker himself.

The book will become a lasting tribute to the people who created, acted alongside, designed and built K9 throughout the years and an insight into the world of TV production. Plus a look behind the scenes at plans for K9's further adventures on screen!

Funding for the book is being organised through IndieGoGo, and there are a number of perks that can be chosen by those who participate in the campaign.

Details on the modern series of K-9 can be found at the K9 Official website.

(with thanks to Paul Tams)