Vote for Your Favourite DWM Cover

Doctor Who Magazine celebrates its five hundredth edition later this month, and the publishers are conducting a poll to find the fans favourite cover.

The poll is being conducted in batches of 50 covers each day (each section will remain live for the duration of the poll) and you can vote for up to five covers from each section.

The 50 finalists will then be put into a final polling group so the overall winner can be determined before Issue 500 is published.

The first batch of 50 can be found here.

Competition Roundup

A roundup of competitions from Doctor Who News that readers may enter:

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: The Paradox Planet/Legacy of Death

The fourth Doctor continues his adventures alongside Romana and K-9:
Whilst travelling in the vortex, the TARDIS is struck by an advanced war machine - a Time Tank! Losing Romana, the Doctor and K9 pursue the Tank to Aoris, a world quite literally at war with itself. Soldiers from the future are attacking the past of their own planet - gathering resources and stealing endangered species. But the past is not without weapons of its own - leaving deadly devices ready to trigger many years ahead after their enemies have been born. Trapped at opposite ends of a temporal war, the Time Lords have two time zones to save. But who is in the right, and who in the wrong? And when history itself is against you, can anybody actually win?
The Paradox Planet (Credit: Big Finish)Legacy Of Death (Credit: Big Finish)
To be in with a chance to win a digital download of the audio adventure courtesy of Big Finish, simply answer the following question:
Name another war that that the fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 found themselves involved in.
Please send your answer along with your name and the email address you have registered with Big Finish, plus where you heard about the competition (news site, news app, other website, etc.) to with the subject "Fight the Future". The competition is open worldwide, closing date 15th May 2016. Note: entrants must have an active registration with Big Finish in order to be eligible to receive the prize - new registrations can be easily created on the website for free and with no financial obligation.

BBC Books: In The Blood

The latest literary adventure for the Doctor from BBC Books is In The Blood by Jenny T Colgan:
All over the world, people are venting their fury at one another on social media. Dropping their friends, giving vent to their hatred, and everyone behaving with incredible cruelty. Even Donna has found that her friend Hettie, with her seemingly perfect life and fancy house, has unfriended her. And now, all over the world, internet trolls are dying... As more and more people give in to this wave of bitterness and aggression, it's clear this is no simple case of modern living. This is unkindness as a plague. From the streets of London to the web cafes of South Korea and the deepest darkest forests of Rio, can the Doctor and Donna find the cause of this unhappiness before it's too late?
In The Blood (Credit: BBC Books)To be in with a chance to win the book courtesy of BBC Books, simply answer the following question:
What did Donna refer to as an "Outer Space Facebook"?
Please send your answers along with your name, address and where you heard about the competition (news site, news app, other website, etc.) to with the subject "Like". The competition is open to UK readers only, closing date 15th May 2016. Only one entry per household will be accepted.

Silva Screen: Radiophonic Workshop 21

Silva Screen have re-released the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's 21st anniversary album on CD:
In 1958 the BBC Radiophonic Workshop opened with the aim to enhance in the main, drama output on the Third Programme (now Radio 3) following the development of new electronic music techniques emanating from Europe. Their work expanded across the BBC to take in TV drama (especially sci-fi), schools programmes and themes. The latter being their most celebrated and well known work, Delia Derbyshire's treatment of Ron Grainer's theme for Doctor Who. This collection, originally released by BBC Records in 1979 to celebrate 21 years of the workshop appears for the first time in its full original form on CD. From The Goons (Bloodnocks Stomach) to the Interval Signal to Doctor Who and Great Zoos Of The World this is a fascinating chronicle of some of the most innovative music ever made. These ground-breaking compositions providing a major influence on music from The Beatles and Pink Floyd and onwards into the contemporary world of Aphex Twin, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. "The Radiophonic Workshop, I loved all that, it fascinated me, and still does”. - Paul McCartney.
BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 21To be in with a chance to win the CD courtesy of Silva Screen, simply answer the following question:
Who wrote the incidental music for the Doctor Who story which featured Paul McCartney?
Please send your answers along with your name, address and where you heard about the competition (news site, news app, other website, etc.) to with the subject "In tune". The competition is open to UK readers only, closing date 15th May 2016. Only one entry per household will be accepted.

BBC Audio

It is still possible to enter our competitions for the BBC Audios Death to the Daleks, The Invasion, Shadow in the Glass, Amorality Tale and The Memory of Winter, which are open to readers worldwide until 8th May 2016 - see our article for full details.

Doctor Who, RiffTrax-style

The latest BBC Insiders survey has been canvassing participants over the viability of running a live RiffTrax screening event in cinemas around the United States based around a story from 20th Century Doctor Who.

Following a brief video example utilising Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD, the survey then asks how interested the participant would be in attending an event based around such a presentation, with suggested stories including The Twin Dilemma, Warriors of the Deep, The Gunfighters, Robot, The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Five Doctors, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Four to Doomsday, Timelash, Time-Flight, and The Horns of Nimon. There's also an option to say which stories shouldn't be "riffed"!

Please note that the survey request does not mean that such an event will take place, only that such an event is being considered.

RiffTrax Logo (Credit: RiffTrax)
RiffTrax are are series of comedy audio commentaries to accompany film releases, provided by the stars of the original Mystery Science Theatre 3000 programme, comedians Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett.

(with thanks to Chris Kocher)

Tenth Doctor 2.9

This week sees Titan release a new comic featuring The Tenth Doctor

DOCTOR WHO: Tenth Doctor #2.9

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Colorist: Arianna Florean

The Doctor, Gabby and Cindy investigate 'the Wishing Well Witch' in the town of Dewbury... only to find what lurks in the well is something far worse, and more strange, than the legend! It's an unearthly terror, cast through a schism in the universe... and it's tearing the town apart!

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2.9Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2.9Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2.9Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2.9Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2.9

On Sale Wednesday 4th May 2016

‘Shakespeare Live’ in US Movie Theatres

Shakespeare Live, the celebration of the bard's work, hosted by David Tennant and Catherine Tate, is to be screened in US movie theatres later this month.

The show marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. It was commissioned by the BBC in association with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and was originally screened live on BBC Two last month.

Fathom and BBC Worldwide have joined forces to present the broadcast in select U.S. cinemas nationwide for one night on Monday, May 23 at 7:00 p.m. local time.

The event celebrates Shakespeare's plays and their enduring influence on music, dance, opera, musical theatre and comedy. Appearances include Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Helen Mirren, John Lithgow, David Suchet, Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Wainwright, Tim Minchin, Al Murray, Meera Syal, Alison Moyet, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Paapa Essiedu, Pippa Nixon, Alexandra Gilbreath and the Royal Ballet.

Full details here

POP! Vinyl Figures From Retro And Collectables

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