BBC Shop Capaldi Exclusives

BBC have unveiled some great exclusives for the Peter Capaldi era of Doctor Who. Pictures here are: a Commemorative Medal Collection, featuring all the Doctors; exclusive DVD and Bluray versions of Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series; two Series 8 tee designs; and a fab Twelfth Doctor pin badge! Click on the images and links included here for more info.

Samuel Anderson talks Danny Pink

Actor Samuel Anderson, who plays new boy Danny Pink, has been chatting to the New York Post about his character and Doctor Who Series 8. Check out the highlights below and read the full interview HERE.
 “Before joining the school, he was a soldier in the British army. But he left, for reasons that will be revealed throughout the season. He’s an everyday sort of man, which I think is neat, especially pitched against such a massive hero as the Doctor. He’s sort of a straight man.”

Will he be joining them in the TARDIS, then? Looks that way. “I would say I become a companion for the companion,” he says.

“There’s a cute dynamic between them,” Anderson says of his character and Clara. “The Doctor rolls with it. He wants them to be happy."
Anderson made his debut in the most recent episode, Into The Dalek, check out the Doctor Who Series 8 Guide HERE for more news on the upcoming episode.

Robot of Sherwood promo pics

The BBC have released new promotional pictures from this week's Doctor Who episode, Robot of Sherwood - click on the images included here for bigger versions. Featured in the photos are Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Tom Riley (Robin) and Ben Miller (Sheriff) amongst others. The story airs this Saturday on BBC One at 7.30pm (and around the world, check local listings). Click HERE for more pics, clips and news from Robot of Sherwood.

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Toys R Us celebrate Doctor Who

In the UK, Toys R Us has been celebrating Doctor Who with themed weekends at various stores across the country. Last weekend saw some time traveling fun take place in the Oldbury and Medway stores - check out the pictures included here!

This Saturday (6 Sept) the TARDIS will visit Metrocentre in Newcastle and the Toys R Us store in Sheffield. There’s a £300 goody bag to be won for kids in a cosplay competition (judged by the independent adjudicators at BBC Worldwide).

13 Sept sees the Doctor Who fun hit Toys R Us stores in Reading and Plymouth.

Thanks to BBC Worldwide