The Temporal Logbook

The Temporal Logbook is a collection of short stories being released for charity by Pencil Tip Publishing

The Temporal Logbook

A Charity Short Story Collection

Twelve Doctors.

Twelve windows onto the universe. And the Doctor's life is the history of the universe.

The Temporal Logbook is the telling of that history.

From the myths of Ancient Greece to the depths of unknown space, from the life of Lewis Carroll to the horrors of the Black Death, The Temporal Logbook recounts some of the Doctor's most enthralling journeys during his first eleven incarnations, as told by a selection of Doctor Who fandom's best writers.

The TEMPORAL LOGBOOK features stories from Michael Baxter, J.E. Remy, Benjamin Pocock, Craig Charlesworth, Hannah Parry, Ian Larkin, Sarah Parry, Nick Mellish, Hamish Crawford, Paul Silvester, Michael Itig and Meg MacDonald.

Edited by Robert Mammone, Jez Strickley & Bob Furnell.

Cover designed by John Gordon.
All proceeds from this publication will be donated in support of the Positive Living Society of British Columbia which is dedicated to empowering persons living with HIV/AIDS through mutual support and collective action.

The Temporal Logbook will retail at $16.95 CAD + postage and will be available for purchase from 15th July at

Doctor Who Legacy Version 3.0

Tiny Rebel Games have announced details of the upcoming launch of version 3.0 of Doctor Who Legacy, due in mid August

3.0 brings players the Sonic Adventures story arc, led by the First Doctor and which includes characters Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, River Song, and the introduction of the Third Doctor's companion, Jo Grant and which will find players collecting many of the sonic devices and gadgets from over the years of Doctor Who.

Another major feature of 3.0 is the addition of Doctor Who: Legacy Kids, a special dedicated area for the youngest Doctor Who fans, inspired by the popular Anna's Playground levels which were created for the child of one of the games fans.

As with Season 8 in 2014, the team is currently working closely with the BBC Doctor Who brand team and BBC Worldwide to prepare for the new series with plans to release allies, costumes, enemies and levels based around the upcoming tv season the same weekend as the new episode airs.

Doctor Who: Legacy, played by nearly 2 million Doctor Who fans, is now over 80 hours of playable content and includes all 13 Doctors, over 140 playable allies and companions, enemies from both modern and classic Doctor Who, and extended universe content from Big Finish, Titan Comics, and George Mann’s Engines of War novel as well as the Bigger on the Inside 8-bit style retro adventure.

Edward Burnham 1916-2015

The actor Edward Burnham has died at the age of 98.

Edward Burnham had two major roles in Doctor Who. In 1968 he played Professor Watkins, the uncle of Isobel, in 4 episodes of the second Doctor story The Invasion. He returned to the series at the end of 1974 in Tom Baker's début story Robot, playing Professor Kettlewell, the creator of the Experimental Prototype Robot K1.

Edward Burnham was an actor for over 60 years, appearing on Television as early as 1938 in productions of The Marvellous History of St. Bernard and The Swiss Family Robinson. In 1959 he appeared in the science fiction series Quatermass and the Pit. Other roles followed in productions such as The Citadel, Z Cars, The Plane Makers, To Sir, with Love, The Pallisers, The Search for the Nile, Churchill's People, All Creatures Great and Small, Nightingales and Nicholas Nickleby.

In the early 1960's he played Dr. Dorking and Dr. Danvers White in Emergency-Ward 10 and in 1985 he played Mr. Grimwig in Terrance Dicks's production of Oliver Twist. He also appeared in the feature films 10 Rillington Place, Young Winston and The Hiding Place.

Edward Burnham died peacefully at home last Tuesday, 30th June.
Thanks to Mark Donovan

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #9

Today, Wednesday, sees the release of Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #9 by Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, Nikolai Dante) and Brian Williamson (Torchwood)!
A Brand new story begins, as the Doctor and Clara are forced to ally with gangsters on the Vegas strip to combat an even more terrifying foe!

Will the Doctor's morals prove as alien as the unearthly invaders – or can he triumph without compromise... in 'GANGLAND'?
: The Twelfth Doctor #9 (Credit: Titan): The Twelfth Doctor #9 (Credit: Titan): The Twelfth Doctor #9 (Credit: Titan): The Twelfth Doctor #9 (Credit: Titan)